5 Benefits of Pickleball you should know

The popularity of pickleball is not a coincidence. Besides the asset of being easy, funny to play and suitable for all ages, its benefits are immediate, physically and mentally. Here we show you some of them:

Better health

A regular practice of pickleball can reinforce your immune system, regulates your blood pressure and keeps you fit. Also, keeps your reflects and mind sharp after a few sessions in the court!

Adaptable for any abilities

The combination of a small court, the lightweight of the equipment and the pace of the game allows players of any age to get into the sport easily. To this it must be added that scoring is just as easy, with a top score of 11 points.

Increase social interaction

The game not only breaks with the routine and makes us more active, but also makes us interact with other players while having fun in the court! Since the game is played by two sets of players and anyone can play, it’s a perfect opportunity to socialize.

Easy to learn

Despite being a mix of tennis, padel, badminton and ping-pong, pickleball rules are simple and it only takes a little bit the practice to get most of its beginners on the right track.

Can be played anywhere

If there’s no court, you can make your own easily! Using a chalk to draw the court lines and using anything as a net (chairs, bicycles, etc.) you can use in your own driveway, tennis courts, or an end street. Just take out your ball and paddle and you are ready to play!

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