5 tips for Pickleball beginners

Starting at a new sport is always a fun learning process. Pickleball is not only fun, but like any other sport, it has it’s tricks and we are gonna share them with you to be the best player in the court:

  1. Stretch

Just like before going for a run, pickleball also needs a 5 to 10 minutes stretching to get the best in you before your first match. Also applies in between games ¡keep yourself loose!

  1. Stay in “ready” position

Just like tennis, here form is everything. Always keep your position: knees slightly bent, feet shoulder width apart and paddle in between your knees.

  1. Serve deep

When serving in the court, remember to go straight to the point with a simple, deep serve. As a beginner it’s recommended to serve softly, making a high arc on your side of the net.This also applies when returning the ball to your opponent.

  1. Play it safe

We know, it sounds boring, but you would like to know that must players fall into the trap of using extra power when serving in the court, quickly losing control of the game. Consistency it’s the real key here.

  1. Control your serving

Remember to hit the open areas between your opponents, and while you are at it, hit soft when going low to high and hit strong when the ball goes from high to low. Remember that balls must get to the kitchen before your opponent gets to the net, giving you some serious advantage.

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