Discover Pickleball's new rules for 2018

This year started as a game changer for the pickleball community with the upbringing of a new set of rules, marking the first change in the rulebook since 2010.

From new ways of serving in court, to the introduction of a Medical Time-Out, the changes also include the following:

Disability serving allowance

“A person with a disability, such as having the use of only one arm, may bounce the ball before making the service motion”.

As we know, one of the rules for serving is to avoid bouncing the ball before serving, but to struck it and serve. This new rule is a brand new allowance in favor of the disabled in the court.

Round Robin

“First tie breaker is head to head; the second tie breaker is point differential of all games played”

With this change, not only round robin matches can now be two out of three to 11. Also, the players that have already won the most matches will be declared winners. On the other hand, while in this round if the server takes longer than 10 seconds to serve, a fault will be declared instead of a technical warning.

Paddle confirmation

“Players are responsible for confirming that the paddle they are using for match  play is listed as Pass on the USAPA/IFP Approved Paddle List”.

This one is one to look out for paddle manufacturers, since it’s now required for pickleball paddles to be have a “clearly marked brand” and those made of a different material, along with other specific characteristics “must have a unique name or number” on them.

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