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Dayne Gingrich

Notable Wins:

2021 PPA Mesa - Gold Men's Senior Pro 

2021 Red Rock PPA - Gold Men's and Mixed Senior Pro

2021 PPA Newport Shootout - Gold Men's Senior Pro 

2021 APP SoCal Classic - Gold Men's and Mixed Senior Pro 

2021 PPA OC Cup - Gold Men's and Mixed Senior Pro 


I love playing Pickleball because it quenches my competitive thirst, but as I’ve grown with the sport, I’ve also loved how engaging the community is. I’ve truly enjoyed helping, in my small way, grow the sport and teach players how to maximize their learning curve. 


I’ve been playing competitively for two years. My step dad brought me with him to play against his 4.5 friends for the first time, which instantly hooked me. I played for four straight hours with no breaks, and woke up the next day, unable to walk. So I crawled to the court and played on my knees for my next PB outing. 


I’m addicted to the game because it never stops challenging my ability to “figure out the puzzle.” It’s equivalent to a chess match - making moves based on the information you’ve acquired about your opponent and what you think he thinks about you. It’s always a 3D battle of mental and emotional warfare. I believe we can keep learning and improving as far as our passion is willing to push and our hunger is willing to work. 


The Electrum Pro is the best paddle on the market, hands down, because it allows me to put massive spin on my shots, while giving me huge power, and simultaneously, playing with soft feel. My favorite shot is any game-ending put-away. 


I’m currently traveling around the country playing on the Senior Pro circuit, where I’m ranked one of the top players on tour. In between my tournaments, I fill my schedule with mental performance and strategy-based playing lessons for players who are ready to shift from simply ‘hitting shots,’ to executing intentional and purposeful game plans. 


When I’m not playing Pickleball, I can be found torturing my daughter. I’m a girl dad who is admittedly wrapped around her finger, and have been from second one. I’m also a goldfish expert, saving a 3” goldfish’s life that my daughter won at the local fair 6 years ago, to now watching it grow to over 10” long. If you’re looking to start your own aquarium, I’m your dude!