Yana Grechkina

Get to know Electrum's newest female signed pro, Yana Grechkina! We love Yana for her spunky personality, amazing athleticism, and down to earth spirit. Welcome to the team, Yana! 
Why do you love pickleball?
          I love pickleball because I am able to compete on a professional level, meet many great people, travel, and stay active! Pickleball is extremely fun to play and to watch people get hit (kidding :D)!
How long have you been playing for?
           A little over a year. 
Where are you from and where do you currently reside?
           Originally from Russia. Currently I reside in Kansas city, Missouri. 
What is your favorite shot?
            Overhead. I'm 5'2'' but can send some rockets :D 
Who inspires you?
            My all time tennis idol - Roger Federer. In pickleball I gotta go with Zane. Super nice, humble, and hard-working individual. He is also not a big guy, which makes him wicked fast. I can relate to that !
Why do you use the electrum pro or model E?
            This paddle gives me more power and spin, which are significant advantages in pickleball. And do I need to mention my obsession with black color?! ;)
What tournaments you plan on playing next year 
             Looking forward to playing the majority of APP's close to the Midwest, some PPA's, and the US Open. (Waiting on Lauren's "yes" to partner up for some ;) 
Top 5 tournament results - 
             -2020 Atlanta PPA: 4th in Singles
             -2021 St. Louis Regionals: Gold in Mixed
             -2021 APP Indianapolis: 4th in Singles
             -2021 USA Pickleball Newport Beach: 4th in Women's Doubles
             -APP 2021 San Antonio Next Gen: Silver in Mixed; Gold in Women's
Doubles; Gold in SIngles
             -2021 Major League Draft Pick to the Discovery Warriors
Tennis background?
            I have been playing tennis since I was 5 y.o. Been ranked top-15 in Russia. Moved to Spain when I was 13 and practiced there for 5 years. Planned on going Pro playing WTA's but wasn't able to stay in Spain after high school due to family reasons. After Spain I came to the USA to play D1 college tennis. Got the Freshman of the Year award and had 2 Conference Championships. Absolutely love doubles! I can beat you at net games with my eyes closed. Accepting challenges! :D
What do you want people to know about you?
            I have an outgoing personality and I love meeting new people! That's off the court though.. I am super competitive playing sports and can get a little craaazy :D So, if I don't have my voice at the end of the tournament - that means it went really well!
Fun facts
            -Fluent in Spanish
            -I have 1 tattoo that reminds me of dad :) (Please, don't tell mom...)
            -Always tuck my skirts when playing sports
            -I fall on the court at least once per pickleball event