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Electrum Model E (Elongated) for better reach and better control. Longer, heavier, and thicker than the Electrum Pro ... the Model E also has a thicker core for added control for a softer, catch-and-release feeling at the net.

Electrum Model E 13mm (Elongated) is a lighter-weight and thinner version of the Model E. Players who enjoy added reach, but are looking for a more powerful paddle will love the Model E 13mm

Electrum Pro is lightweight and powerful for a player who likes to bring the heat. It is also our widest paddle with a thinner core. The Electrum Pro adds pop and agility.

Electrum Pro II is a blend between power and control. The Pro II is in between the lengths, widths, and weights of the Model E and Electrum Pro - with a thinner core for more power.


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