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Electrum Pickleball provides an elite paddle for competitive players. Our company was founded by pickleball and technology enthusiasts who set out with a mission to provide the most advanced paddle available.

We are steadfast in our vision to grow Team Electrum and the pickleball community. We want to develop positive and lasting relationships with our customers and supporters. Let's grow this amazing game together!

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Our polypropylene paddle core has a honeycomb structure designed to evenly react to the force of impact and provide precision control.

We conducted iterative trials until we were satisfied that our core was durable and perfectly distributed. Our custom core technology is layered with premium Toray T700 raw carbon fiber.


We source premium carbon fiber -Toray T700 - for our paddles. This carbon fiber varietal is particularly strong, as measured by its tensile strength, allowing for aggressive play.

This premium carbon fiber surface is neatly heat-bonded to the polypropylene honeycomb core.

This material exhibits high measurements of tensile strength, which describes the capacity of surface to withstand competitive play and maintain consistency.


Other paddles have cool graphics and focus less on performance. We stand for the opposite of that - our entirely black paddle is unpainted RAW Carbon Fiber for a natural matte look that is simple but makes a statement - "I'm here to play."

Our RAW Carbon Fiber surface measures with the one of the highest roughness factors on the market. This allows advanced pickleball players to play with spin shots and increased control for dinking in the kitchen. 

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5 Star Reviews from the Community


Beth B.

The ball does not pop uncontrollably up in the air like some paddles, drives stay low, and 3rd shot drops stay low too. It puts spin on the ball even when I do not intend to, and creates some wicked great serves


Joy M.

Perfect paddle for me!! It felt so good as far as power and touch, volleying and dinking. Great control and spin, and the fact that it has an edge guard was a non-issue. Love the leather grip and the light weight


Vlad J.

I was amazed at the quality of Electrum Pickleball. Electrum Pickleball is both attractive and highly professional.

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