Can I return paddle if I didn't like it?

We want you to be completely happy with your Electrum purchase. We allow returns on paddles purchased from Electrumpickleball.com to be returned for any reason within 21 days of purchase for a full refund, all we ask is that you cover the return shipping cost. All apparel returns must be in new condition, unwashed, and unworn. Please send us an email at support@electrumpickleball.com with "21 Day Return" in subject line. *Paddle return guarantee does not apply to paddles that have been regripped, customized, or changed in any way. Please contact us at support@electrumpickleball.com with any other inquiries.

What if my paddle has a defect?

We offer a 6 months limited warranty against manufacturer defects on all of our paddles. Please note that this warranty does not cover damages caused by abuse, negligence, user modification, or normal wear and tear over time. Please fill out this form to begin your return.

If you are out of warranty timing we have struck up a deal with http://www.paddlefix.com use our code “E5” for a discount and get your paddles back and feeling brand new.

Once you receive confirmation from our team, please send back your paddle following team instructions. You will receive a replacement paddle after we have received the original paddle.*6 months limited manufacturer warranty only applies to paddles purchased directly from Electrum Pickleball or authorized resellers. Warranty does not apply to replacement paddles.

What is the average lifetime of of pickleball paddle?

Research shows that the average lifetime of a pickleball paddle is 7-18 months. Lifetime depends on the frequency and intensity of play. how often. For a typical pro player, this time is even less and is closer to 2-4 months.If you would like to get the most longevity out of your purchase, please refer to our “taking care of your pickleball equipment” section below.

Taking care of your pickleball equipment (How do I make sure my paddle lasts longer?)

1. Cleaning your paddle.

Our paddles are constructed using raw Toray Carbon Fiber, which provides next level spin, but can be a bit challenging to clean. You may notice white residue from the ball on the surface over time. We recommend using a damp microfiber cloth or any lint free cloth to clean the surface of your paddle as needed.

2. Temperatures

Extreme temperatures can distort many items, including the adhesive materials used to assemble your pickleball paddle. To avoid extreme cold, heat, or humid environments it is recommended that you store your paddle indoors. Although it is convenient to keep your paddles in the trunk of your car so that you are. Try to avoid storing your paddle in extreme cold, heat or humid environments. It is recommended that you store your paddle inside. Keeping your paddle in your car might sound like a nice idea to make sure you are always ready to play, it is not recommended due to temperature changes. Additionally, our paddle is made with a honeycomb core, which can trap moisture inside if it is left in a humid environment.

3. Be gentle

Be kind to your paddle and it will be kind right back to you! Avoiding your paddle making contact with the ground, your partner’s paddle, or any other hard surface will increase the lifespan and limit external damages (nothing wrong with an old school high five to celebrate an awesome point).Take a moment to examine your edge guard frequently. If you notice scratches or other signs of wear around the edge guard, this may be a signal that the paddle is scratching the ground often while reaching for the ball. Edge guard protective tape or electrical tape can provide a quick and easy fix to provide extra protection for your paddle.


Do you offer different handle sizes?

Our paddles come with one standard handle size that corresponds to each paddle. Please refer to each paddle listing to see if which handle length will be right for you.

What do you do to ensure compliance with USAPA standards?

Rest assured Electrum paddles are USA Pickleball approved and continuously maintain that status. Our company has taken multiple steps to that our equipment meets all USA Pickleball requirements.

1. Every batch of our equipment undergoes testing during the manufacturing process. Paddles are serialized by batch so if something is wrong (manufacturer defect) we can address it by tracking particular batches back to the factory.

2. In-house testing of the most important metrics (paddle surface roughness and coefficient of friction) is conducted every 2 weeks. Paddles are randomly selected from our New York warehouse and tested to ensure that we continue to meet quality standards.

Below you can find the data results of our Spring in house test.

I have received order confirmation and nothing since, how can I get updates on my order?

Add You will receive an order confirmation on your purchase. Once your items are shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation via email with information on how to track your order. Due to global shipping delays, some products are taking approximately 10-14 days to ship. We appreciate your continued patience and support as we continue to navigate these delays.If you have any other questions about the status of your order, you can live chat with us on your website. If you have any additional questions, please send your inquiry to us via email at support@electrumpickleball.com.

What if I changed my mind?

Not a problem! If you have not yet received a shipping confirmation email, you can use the direct link in the order confirmation email to automatically cancel your order.

Once the order has been shipped, you can fill out this form and ship the paddle back for a refund.