Electrum Welcomes Thomas Wilson to the Team ⚡️

Electrum Welcomes Thomas Wilson to the Team ⚡️

We are so excited to have Thomas Wilson join Team Electrum! Read on to learn more about Thomas and why we admire him so much! 


Why do you love and play pickleball? 

  • After hanging up tennis 10 years ago, Pickleball has given me a fun way to compete again in a social environment. It’s been a great way to stay active and keep meeting new people! I enjoy battling and leaving it all out on the court, but it has to come along with quality banter and some serious laughs. I love the camaraderie of being on a team - super excited to join team Electrum! 


How long have you been playing pickleball? 

  • It’s been a casual family hobby for a couple of years, but toward the end of this year started practicing more to take a shot at the pro level.  


Where are you from and where do you currently reside? 

  • Grew up in San Antonio and now living in New Braunfels, TX. 


What is your favorite shot? 

  • Forehand drives and rolls are fun shots to hit. I also like scrambling and playing defense, just hopefully not too often! 


Who inspires you? 

  • There’s no way I’d be playing Pickleball without the support of my wife, Brittany. She encouraged me to start playing pro tournaments and continues to be my biggest fan!  


Why do you use the electrum pro or model E? 

  • The Model E allows me to hit more of the shots I want to hit. Other paddles I’ve tried didn’t have near the control and spin, which is a very limiting feeling on the court.  


What tournaments you plan on playing next year 

  • A mix of PPA and APP, US Open, etc.  


Top 5 tournament results 

  • 4th in men’s doubles at the Texas Open. 
  • Semis in singles at the Masters. 
  • 5/6th in men’s doubles at the PPA Championships (and a couple others). 
  • Men’s Doubles wins: Tyson/Riley, Jay/Pat, JW/Callan, Zane/Warnick.  
  • Men’s Singles wins: Jay Devilliers, Dylan Frazier, Frank Anthony Davis. 


What is your sports background? 

  • I played most sports growing up and always wanted to be a college athlete. In high school, I focused on tennis and ended up playing for Purdue University and later the University of Texas. 


Fun facts: 

  • I have a full-time career in sales at a software company, AlertMedia, based in Austin. 
  • After graduating from UT, my wife and I got married and went to Bible College together in Colorado.  
  • We have a golden retriever; his name is Nash!  
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