Tip of the Week - #1 - "Get Lo"

Tip of the Week - #1 - "Get Lo"

No Pun Intended (except actually...pun intended 🤣) 

If you follow me at all on the tour, you'll know my nickname is "Lo" or "Lolo" - and I get superrrr low on my resets! Check out this awesome shot by Steve Taylor! My best piece of advice when you are defending or resetting is to get low and stay still! 

It’s very common when we play pickleball to get caught in a defensive moment in the middle of a point, which is generally when we want to start blocking and resetting. Resetting is a super important skill to have, and if done effectively, can get you right back into a point, hence the term “reset”. A “reset” is a ball that we direct back into the kitchen off of an attack or offensive shot, neutralizing the rally.

My best advice: drill! Second best advice: stay low! When your eyes are able to get on a similar path as the ball, in terms of height, it’s easier to make a solid contact. When you get low, it also helps the body stay more stable, and eliminates extra movement. We don’t want to put our bodyweight into a shot like this. The more bodyweight we put in the shot, the more pace we add to the ball, making the ball travel further and taking us away from our goal of getting it low in the kitchen.

To keep it short, give yourself 3 easy reminders:

  1. Stay low.
  2. Stay still.
  3. Stay grounded.

Tune in next week for another tip of the week powered by Electrum ⚡️

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