Patrick Smith

Notable Wins (in Men’s Pro Doubles with Partner Jocelyn Devilliers):

  • World Pickleball Champion 2021 SILVER
  • PPA Arizona Open 2021 SILVER
  • APP Cincinnati Open 2021 GOLD
  • PPA Georgia Open 2021 SILVER
  • APP Indianapolis Open GOLD


Current World Pickleball Ranking:

  • #3 Men’s Doubles 
  • #4 Mixed Doubles 



Patrick Smith has been with Team Electrum for about a year now and we are so grateful to have him on our team representing our brand. He was born and raised in Munich, Germany, but currently resides in Wichita, Kansas. Pat played 4 years of Division 1 college tennis at the University of Missouri - Kansas City, which led to a seamless entry into pickleball. Having only been playing for 2 years now, Pat has had huge success in the professional pickleball world alongside partner Jocelyn Devilliers. Pat and Jay have taken the men’s tour by storm, having won multiple APP tour events, along with multiple medals in the PPA tour events.. Pat also teams up with fellow electrum teammate for mixed doubles, Lauren Stratman. Pat uses the Electrum Pro paddle, as it suits his forehand drive and backhand counter punch. 

You might not know that Patrick actually works full time, running a company called Hair by Robotics, so one could technically say PB is more of a side gig for Pat. Pat describes pickleball as a way to “compete and challenge [himself] while having fun. On top of that [he gets] to play with and against amazing friends and people”. His inspiration draws from his parents, and to the next generation of pickleball players, Pat advises to “never forget to have fun”. 

Fun fact about Pat that is contrary to popular opinion: his favorite person to light up is not Collin Johns, but Jocelyn Devilliers 🤣